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Med-TSO participated at UfM Energy Ministerial meeting

Med-TSO participated at UfM Energy Ministerial meeting

The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) Ministerial Meeting on Energy took place in Rome on 1 December in the framework of the Forum Mediterranean Dialogues hosted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale (ISPI - International Policy Studies Institute).

The Energy meeting underlined that energy can give a new boost to a great regional cooperation in order to deliver a secure, affordable and sustainable power supply, a major factor for stability and shared prosperity in the Mediterranean region. The UfM members stressed the need to strength regional energy cooperation in the Mediterranean by establishing thematic platforms.
Platforms are one of the topic building blocks in the Med-TSO goals. The Association is convinced that a technical platform for multilateral cooperation can enormously facilitate the integration of the Mediterranean Power Systems and foster security and socio – economic development in the Region.

Med-TSO's mission is to support all the technical and institutional initiatives aiming at the development of an integrated, secure and sustainable regional electricity transmission grid, in order to facilitate the creation of a Mediterranean energy market and further integrate the RES. Therefore, Med-TSO has been contributing for more than one year to the works of the UfM Regional Electricity Market Platform, as the Members believe that the goal of the Platform is in line with the target of our Association.
Taking profit of the grant given by the EC for our Mediterranean Project, Med-TSO is focusing the activity on creating a cooperation framework by sharing rules and procedures for developing the electricity grids and operating the power systems of the Associates in a coordinated way. This is a precondition to integrate the national electricity markets by sharing the national complementarities, thus responding to the energy challenges in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni opened the UfM Ministerial Conference on Energy and said ‘the Energy is crucial connection tool that can help the region develop and find order. The energy is extraordinarily relevant points of contact in a Area that spans from the Europe, the Balkans to Middle East to North Africa.

It almost looks like the Med-TSO sphere of activities. Med-TSO is the Association of the Mediterranean Transmission System Operators (TSOs) for electricity, operating the High Voltage Transmission Networks of 18 Mediterranean Countries acting in three Continents: South and Balkan Europe, North Africa and Middle Est.

Med-TSO delegation which took part to the event, stated: ‘Our work plan aims at defining criteria for optimizing the operation of the existing grids and for assessing new investment projects in such a way to catch their benefits at regional level (and not only at a national one). Therefore Med-TSO strongly supports the necessity to enhance the investments in interconnections, including those necessary to strengthen the energy security within the UfM Region. To this aim, we believe that projects in several corridors along the Mediterranean, such as the Italy-Tunisia interconnection project, already mentioned around this table, benefit not only the directly involved countries but also the Mediterranean region as a whole. We will contribute also to the zonal approach pursued by the Platforms Action Plan, identifying, through our analysis, those areas where faster and stronger possibilities to overcome the current gaps and asymmetries exist. We would like to express once again Med-TSO’s support to the EC and UfM and our engagement in working proactively for the success of the Platforms.’

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