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Mihai Paun

A little conversation with Mihai Paun, new Senior Project Manager of the Mediterranean Project

Q: Thanks to your excellent skills in the energy field and the large knowledge of European institutions, what do you think you can carry with you to Med-TSO to better achieve its goals?

A: Med-TSO is the Association of the Transmission System Operators (TSOs) in the Mediterranean Area. In the last period of my professional life (more than six years) I had the great opportunity to work directly at ENTSO-E (the European Network of System Operators for Electricity) with all the European Transmission System Operators, from the Nordic and Baltic countries down to the Southern part of Europe. Therefore, I had the chance to work with the European TSOs who are also Med-TSO members, as well as with other non-EU Med-TSO members, involved in grid development activities with ENTSO-E.
I am strongly motivated to contribute to the Med-TSO activities related to system security, in particular to the Mediterranean Project and related programs addressing the investment gaps in the system security at regional and European level.
To answer directly to the question on what I can bring to ensure the success of Med-TSO, I think the first thing is the fact that, being directly involved in HV grid infrastructure development within four of the six regional groups of ENTSO-E, so I offered guidance to TSOs to access the necessary financing for their projects and help them understanding the commercial viability of the projects that are particularly relevant for increased system security in Europe.
Thanks to these experiences, I am fully motivated and prepared to contribute to the “Mediterranean Project” and to other activities and tasks included in the Work Programme of Med-TSO, as well as in supporting the Association in implementing its strategy for increasing the external representation and institutional presence. I strongly believe I can make a difference in this respect.

Q: Do you already have an action plan? Where do you think to start?

The Mediterranean Project has an Action Plan very well defined by the experts members of Med-TSO, together with the predecessors in the coordination of this interesting project my first objective is to align my personal understanding and my expertise to act together with the already heavily involved colleagues currently coordinating the project, in order to ensure high quality and timely delivery of all project reports and to meet the expectations of the members in this complex and challenging but very interesting and very useful project for the Mediterranean countries.
I believe that, with the support of and together with all Med-TSO’s members representatives, we can make a positive contribution to the future development of the Association and foster a stronger development of a more interconnected and robust HV electricity system in the Mediterranean Region, while considering the national diversities and ensuring the compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations, guidelines and policies.

Q: According to your experience in Brussel, how do you think Med-TSO is seen in the Energy sector and where do you think it could arrive?

I think Med-TSO has a key role to play not only for the Mediterranean countries but also for the entire European North African and Middle-Eastern Power System. So, if I can compare it with other associations, including ENTSO-E, Med-TSO has the particularity of acting in three continents: the complexity of this association is much higher; even the membership, if compared with ENTSO-E, it's more diverse.
I think Med-TSO is a relevant Association for the regulatory side as well, because all the investments in the high voltage infrastructures are affected by the way; the grids and the investments are regulated, stimulated, financed, and subsidized in some cases and so on. This occurs together with our partners, meaning Entso-E, from which and to which, we can imagine exchange of data, experience and technical and managerial capabilities.
I think the image created by Med-TSO in the last five years, as a result of visible activities developed and results achieved, is visible in Brussels. Of course, I think there is place for more communication exchange and cooperation with stakeholders, associations and, in general, with all the interested entities, to increase the awareness about the Mediterranean Project.

A: Few words to the members and the people involved in our activities

I would like to acknowledge first the experience so far in building and maintaining the HV electricity grids in all 20 TSOs companies from all 18 Mediterranean countries, to thank them for the efforts made to establish in April 2012 the Med-TSO Association and for their efforts to promote the coordination among the national high voltage transmission grid departments in their Companies. I strongly believe the success of the Mediterranean Project depends very much on the human resource invested and on the cooperation among experts, managers and policy decision makers.
I would like to wish all the best to all the members for their existing and future projects, for the progress of the economy in their countries and for the increasing of quality and security of electricity supply in the Mediterranean area.
Thank you

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