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Med-TSO takes major steps in Mediterranean Project 2 by establishing the technical rules for a shared Electricity Market

Med-TSO takes major steps in Mediterranean Project 2 by establishing the technical rules for a shared Electricity Market

Following the trajectory set forth in Mediterranean Project 2 (MP2), Med-TSO delivered the latest chapter of the shared technical rules defined for developing and operating power systems. The deliverable “Connection Procedure Proposal” not only establishes the perimeter of network codes to be followed across the region but also upholds the regulations for efficient system service management and institutes a common process for the connection procedure.

Designed by the Med-TSO Technical Committee “Regulation and Institutions”, the overall objective of the deliverable is to develop a common proposal for connecting generation facilities to the transmission grid. Although non-binding, these procedures aim at serving as guidelines to align TSOs across the Mediterranean Region.

With this deliverable, the organization has taken a key step towards opening ‘Electricity Markets’ by providing all generators with congruent rules and procedures for connecting to the grid operated by the TSOs.

The proposal includes detailed provisions covering all the main issues to be considered in the connection procedure, including basic approaches for generation expansion (top-down, bottom-up, and a ‘mixed’ approach), studies performed by TSO with the criteria used to evaluate spare capacity within in the transmission grid, and economic aspects dealing with the connection cost. The report includes also the technical procedure to be followed for connection, as well as the relevant information on the administrative procedure.
The report is directly connected with the other deliverable “Study of potential candidates and proposal of pilot project” Both should enable Med-TSO to achieve two of the main MP2 expected results: the establishment of a complete set of rules for progressing in the harmonization of the technical regulatory framework and the launch of pilot projects for a fast track implementation in subregions of the Mediterranean basin (“zonal approach”).

The completion of both deliverables marks a major headway in Med-TSO’s overall goal of harmonizing electrical systems across the region.

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