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Two Regional Workshops for Med-TSO’s Technical Committe Economic Studies and Scenarios

Two Regional Workshops for Med-TSO’s Technical Committe Economic Studies and Scenarios

Med-TSO’s Technical Committee Economic Studies and Scenarios held two regional workshops this week. These events shared a hybrid format with people meeting both remotely and physically, for the first time after almost two years, and were celebrated in two different locations.

Last Tuesday November 30th, the first workshop took place in Tunis in representation of the Western Region (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy). Today December 2nd, a workshop was hosted in Istanbul for the Eastern Region (Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro).

At the end of the workshops, the experts controlled the simulation run, which was executed through a specific software. By the end of this first round of activities, the following objectives were achieved:

  • Supervision of the assumptions for the remaining countries.
  • Examination of all the annual and synthetic indicators. These indicators include variables such as generation, demand, exchanges, marginal prices, flexibility, equivalent full time duration and CO2.
  • Analysis of the Power Systems’ performance undertaken in seasonal, daily and hourly time steps through a specific software.

Following these two regional workshops, the data obtained and the necessary modelling modifications will be updated for the final ruound of studies. Ultimately, the goal of both sessions furthers the primary objective of the Technical Committee Economic Studies and Scenarios in the frame of Teasimed project, such as sharing a common vision of the future of the Power Systems in the Mediterranean area building mid and long-term scenarios for electricity.

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